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Allergy Video Visits and Sublingual Immunotherapy

If you suffer from environmental allergies and reside in Pennsylvania, you are eligible for the Allergy Video Visit and Sublingual (under-the-tongue) Immunotherapy (suhb·ling·gwl + im·mu·no·therpy)!

Ideal for busy people, such as parents, children in sports or activities, business executives or travelers, and for “social distancing”.  No need to visit the doctor’s office to experience the unparalleled benefits* of Allergen Immunotherapy.  If you want to experience their comfort, convenience, and safety, schedule with us today by CLICKING HERE or Call us today at 724-655-3000

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Here’s WHY you need Allergen Immunotherapy

Without Immunotherapy, you face a lifetime of:

  • Bothersome symptoms
  • Avoidance of enjoyable outdoor activities and pets
  • Risk of medication side effects:

With immunotherapy*, you can:

  • Say goodbye to your symptoms
  • Enjoy outdoor activities and pets
  • Free yourself from the risk of medication side effects
  • Prepare and get your allergy symptoms under control before the next virus pandemic strikes: 
    • Less confusion between allergy and virus symptoms
    • Less nose/eye itching/rubbing and chance of infecting yourself with virus
    • Less sneezing and chance of infecting other people

The reason?  Allergen Immunotherapy uses customized, nature-produced allergen extracts and is the only treatment that targets the immune system and desensitizes you.  Once desensitized, you can be exposed to the allergen without developing symptoms and needing medications.

Here’s why you should get Immunotherapy now

Immunotherapy is better than medications and now easier to get than ever thanks to two recent developments:

  1. The FDA’s approval of allergen extract tablets safe enough for self-administration under the tongue in your home or office and
  2. EZ Allergy’s new Video Visits

That’s right, you can now receive the unparalleled benefits of immunotherapy* without getting allergy shots in a doctor’s office. The Allergy Video Visit brings our diagnostic expertise and customized immunotherapy right into your home or office. This saves you time and gives you options outside of normal business hours, including evening and weekend appointments. It also keeps you away from ill people who go to pharmacies and doctors’ offices.  Now, you, and children 5 years and up, can enjoy the benefits of immunotherapy* without ever leaving the comfort, convenience, and safety of your home or office.

Immunotherapy can only be prescribed after we consult with you to review your history, conduct a brief physical examination, and run a diagnostic test to identify your allergen sensitivities (i.e. pollens, cats, dogs, dust mites, and molds). This will be done during your Video Visit. The cost of the diagnostic tests should be covered by your insurance company.

The Allergy Video Visit was introduced by Dr. David Skoner, an internationally-renowned, board-certified allergist and immunologist, who pioneered sublingual (“under-the-tongue”) allergen immunotherapy research in the United States (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE)

If you want to experience the comfort, convenience and safety of Allergy Video Visits and Sublingual Immunotherapy, you can SCHEDULE with us today or CALL US today at 724-655-3000.

*Immunotherapy – Individual results may vary