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Welcome To EZ Allergy

Our mission is to provide EZ access to:

  • Diagnostic testing for food and environmental allergies
  • Allergen Immunotherapy using nature-produced allergen extracts customized for your immune system to PREVENT environmental allergy symptoms

Introducing EZ Allergy Video Visits and Sublingual (under-the-tongue) Immunotherapy (suhb·ling·gwl + im·mu·no·therpy) for Your Home or Office

  • For any Pennsylvania resident with environmental allergies
  • Ultimate comfort, convenience and safety
  • Ideal for busy people, children, and “social-distancing”
  • No need to get allergy shots
  • No need to visit the doctor’s office to receive the unparalleled benefits of allergen immunotherapy
  • Prepare and get your allergy symptoms under control before the next virus pandemic strikes
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We accept all major insurances, including UPMC and Highmark Healthcare.

Pioneering Work By Dr. Skoner
Medication Safety: OTC Allergy Medication Reduces Childhood Growth - Click for more information...

Medication Safety:  Read more about OTC Allergy Medication Reduces Childhood Growth

Below is a news video from KDKA on the FDA Open Public Hearing About Selling Nasal Steroid Sprays “Over-The-Counter”

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EZ Allergy Founder

Dr. David Skoner, internationally-renowned, board-certified allergist and immunologist; pioneer in medication safety and sublingual allergen immunotherapy. We opened our McMurray clinic in the Summer of 2017, CLICK HERE to read the Triblive.com article.

EZ Allergy Symptom Prevention With Allergen Immunotherapy

The same unprecedented benefits of regular allergy shots in a doctor’s office can now be delivered in the comfort and safety of home by an FDA-approved tablet that dissolves in 10 seconds under the tongue.